We have purchased the best possible technology to deliver the best possible quality stickers and domed stickers to our clients.  We focus heavily on producing stickers and domed stickers.  This results in a professional sticker product delivered on time every time.

We realise that the world is fast paced and that our clients need their printed stickers and domed stickers in a hurry.   Rest assured we are here to serve you, we will deliver as promised.

We guarantee the quality of our print inks and substrate materials.   We only use ONLY top quality materials and therefore we may not be the cheapest on the market but you can rest assured they will last.  We are not willing to sell a cheap inferior product.


We have specialised print and cut machines that produce stickers that can be any shape or size.  The resulting sticker will be bright and vibrant.  These stickers can be made up of a variety of vinyl substrates such as:

  • White glossy
  • White matte
  • Clear vinyl
  • Gold foil, brushed or shiny finish
  • Silver Foil , brushed or shiny finish
  • Reflective material and Hologram material


Domed stickers are also known as domed decals or resin decals.  They can be used for a large variety of applications including name plate decals for appliances, computer equipment, cars and trucks, restaurant equipment etc. The uses are limited only by the imagination.  We also produce doomed decals for use on corporate gifts, diaries and many other promotional items.

Whether you need a standard shape or a custom cut shape – with simple spot colours or a full colour designs, our digital printing and cutting equipment allows us to produce domed stickers in any size or shape. Vibrant colours and effects can be achieved by combining full colour print with silver or gold metallic finish foils. Our domed decals are produced with extremely clear, non-yellowing, UV and abrasion resistant polyurethane that will withstand years of use.  Domed decals can be made with all the same substrates shown above.


Doming can be simply described as adding a lens to a full colour sticker to give it a 3D effect. This lens is achieved by pouring a liquid resin onto a pre-cut full colour sticker and allowing this resin to dry. The drying process can be sped up by using a specially designed oven or UV curer.


Our normal turnaround time is 3-4 working days.  This may vary from time to time depending our workload.  We will confirm this to you when you place your order.

Please discuss your requirments with us.


All jobs will be run on high resolution print.  We would rather turn work away than offer a low quality printed decal.

Dont wait contact us today.